Skin Sourcery

Neurotoxin Modulator Provider

Ginger Simmons,  (certified injector)

I specialize in administering Botox injections that can help reduce the signs of aging on your face. The injection of neurotoxins into the muscle can help inhibit the ability to form dynamic lines, which are apparent while making facial expressions. Dynamic lines are only visible while facial expressions are made, yet they lead to permanent or static lines with time and frequency.   Prevention of those dynamic lines is accomplished by interrupting movement of facial muscles that are in fact the main cause of static lines.  Static lines are also known as wrinkles! Essentially, the goal is to stop making such harsh expressions to avoid the creation of permanent lines on your face.  Other factor can also contribute to one's susceptibility to get wrinkles easily such as genetics, skin hydration, sun exposure/damage, nutrients, and of course age.